Joint Venture

Green Port Enviromental

Green-Port Environmental Managers Ltd. (GPE)
History: 1995 to Present

  • Is a Canadian company based out of Ontario, Canada
  • Has recycled over 20,000 obsolete meters, pole, pad, and network transformers and related electrical equipment
  • GPE has recycled > 1.2 million scrap meters generated from the SMART Meter program in Ontario, Canada
  • Has decontaminated, recycled, transported and disposed of over 15 million kg of PCB waste,
    has decommissioned over 50 substations for over 30 utilities in Ontario
  • Offers a full range of specialized PCB services, including hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal, site remediation, recycling, product destruction and asset decontamination and recovery
  • Services all market sectors, from residential, commercial/industrial and private industry to all levels of government
  • GPE is ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certified

Manitoba Corporation (MC)
History: 1916 to Present

  • Manitoba Corporation is an American company based out of Lancaster, NY and St. Louis, MO
  • Services all market sectors, from residential, commercial/industrial and private industry to all levels of government for refining

How We Started

We were established in Buffalo, NY in 1916. We are currently being operated by the third and fourth generation of the founder, as well as others who have joined the firm over the past ninety two years.

A European immigrant who was unable to find work in the local factories founded the company. He obtained a pushcart and started to earn a living picking up rags, waste paper, and metals from people's homes. Eventually through very hard work and long hours he earned enough money to purchase a horse and wagon which allowed him to increase the amount of materials which he was able to recycle.

In due time, he purchased a small shop and became a wholesaler who handled the merchandise of other peddlers. After World War II and the development of synthetic fabrics such as nylon, dacron, and rayon, the recycling of rags went into a serious decline. At that time, Manitoba Corporation gradually began to increase the recycling of metals and slowly got out of recycling of rags and waste paper.

Today, Manitoba Corporation operates a very modern recycling plant at its headquarters in Lancaster, NY which is just east of Buffalo. In addition, we have a facility in St. Louis, MO.

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