ERT Meter Modules

Are you looking for a way to recycle your ERT Meter Modules? Utility Recyclers can help.

Utility Recyclers International works with a network of certified and approved battery recyclers across the United States and Canada to responsibly collect, transport and recycle ERT modules at fair prices. 

Have ERT Meter Modules to Recycle?

If you have an AMR or AMI project underway, and require disposal of gas, water or electric ERT modules and registers, request a quote below.

How Does it Work?


Step 1: Collect

Whether you are looking to recycle meters, electric vehicle charging stations, modules with batteries, or oil-filled equipment, URI has the experience and creative solutions needed for packaging, handling, and storing assets to maximize value and ensure safe transportation.


Step 2: Transport

URI prides ourselves on our responsive and timely transportation options. When limited warehouse space is a challenge, our clients have confidence knowing that our trucks will arrive on time for loading. Our transportation partners span the world and can pick up from almost any location with minimal notice.  


Step 3: Recycle

URI is committed to ensuring that all materials received – from the asset itself to the packaging it arrives in – are recycled or disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner achievable

We are focused on finding outlets for all components so that we can maximize the recycling of all materials received.

We provide our supplier’s with Certificates of Recycling and/or Disposal upon request.

Materials may be recycled domestically or internationally depending on market conditions and supplier’s requirements

URI has developed outlets for recycling materials containing batteries

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